Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of ImSan consists of five members possessing expertise in the matter, among them the Chairman, whom all according to the State Ordinance have to be residents of Aruba.

The Board is composed as follows:

  1. three members are appointed by the Minister;
  2. one member is designated by an employers’ organization to be designated by State Decree;
  3. one member is designated by an employees’ organization to be designated by State Decree.

The members of the Board designate one of them Chairman.

The Supervisory Board of ImSan  currently consists of the following members:

  • Mr. mr. drs. Igmar Reyes (chairman)
  • Mr. Tristan Every (vice chairman)
  • Mr. Guaicapuro J.  Jimenez (member)
  • Mr. mr. Clifford Richardson (member)
  • Mrs. Nathaly T. Geerman (member)

ImSan was established by State Ordinance of February 24, 2005

The Medical Institute, named ‘Instituto Medico San Nicolas’, has the objective to provide and promote the best possible medical care of a clinical, outpatient, and ambulatory nature and the accessibility to same for all citizens.