Radio Oncology

Opening hours
Monday – Friday: 7.30 AM to 4.00 PM

Telephone: (+297) 5248833 (ext.775)

ImSan’s Radio Oncology Department is a cutting-edge facility that prides itself on providing patient-centered, high-quality care with personalized clinical treatments. Their team of physicians, therapists, physicists, and nurses collaborate intensively with Baptist Health South Florida to ensure that each patient receives the best possible care. The department is dedicated to using the latest technology and techniques to provide effective, efficient, and safe treatments to patients.

ImSan’s Radio Oncology Department uses Varian’s latest treatment device, the Halcyon system. The Halcyon is placed inside of a bunker, which is built with special walls. This is to limit radiation exposure to workers and public.

The Radio Oncology is located on the ground floor of Instituto Medico San Nicolas.

Upon completion of the registration process, patients will be directed to the designated waiting area.

Services Provided
The Radio Oncology is able to give different types of radiation treatments. This is done with the latest techniques and together with a modern CT imaging system that is shared with the Radiology. The treatment is painless and just takes a few minutes. The patient is not radio-active on or after treatment.

International Information
Treatment is available for international patients based on the type of treatment. Contact our specialists through your specialists for more information.