Medical Staff

Members of the ImSan’s Medical Staff are highly educated and trained providers that have completed an extensive credentialing and privileging process confirming their competence and professionalism. Providers are then continuously evaluated through extensive monitoring and compliance audits in order to ensure that the patient care provided at ImSan’s Hospital is and remains Excellent.


Derwin Alders, Anesthesiologist
Gemma Vallejo Lopez, Anesthesiologist

Karen Herrera Banquez, Medical Doctor
Sherrel Ruiz, Medical Doctor
George Vrolijk, Medical Doctor
Helman Parra Cardona, Medical Doctor
Hypert Flemming, Medical Doctor
Jean Pierre Albus Sanchez, Medical Doctor
Luisalfredo Alberts, Medical Doctor

Agustin García Sanz, Nephrologist
Ali Garcia Marquez, Nephrologist

Angela Garces Valencia, Ophthalmologist
Nathaly Wolter, Ophthalmologist
Roberto Guinand Real, Ophthalmologist
Zuleyma Petrocchi – Lacle, Ophthalmologist
Victor Moreno Gutierrez, Ophthalmologist

Julian Torres Rivas, Radiation Oncologist
Nestor Sanchez Chacin, Radiation Oncologist

Vanessa Lovert – Williams, Radiologist

Luis Felipe Rios Gutierrez, Assistant Medical Coordinator
Monica Nuboer – Gonzalez, Medical Coordinator